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How we work with education agents

6 December 2023
University responds to recent media coverage
Following recent media coverage, the University of Sydney seeks to assure students who are considering applying to study with us that support is available throughout the process - whether working with an authorised agent or applying directly.

We know many students and their families choose to work with education agents, who can provide a valuable service.

Many education agents are also migration agents, and as Australian universities are prohibited by law from providing visa or migration advice, these agents can also provide students with useful advice on migration matters. Migration agents can also simplify the process for students looking to apply to multiple universities – including making it easier for students to navigate Australia’s university system, and study and living options. Importantly, agents also provide the families of students a level of locally-based support which can provide additional reassurance around safety and wellbeing.

The University of Sydney’s authorised agents are clearly listed on our website, and we work closely with them and provide them with regular and detailed training each year so they can appropriately represent the University.

There is no obligation to use an agent, and we aim to make it as simple as possible for any students who have questions to get in touch so we can assist.

There are a range of ways students who are considering studying at the University of Sydney can speak to us directly, and find out more information. For example we:

  • employ regional experts who provide personalised advice for students depending on their home country
  • hold regular in-country and online open days where our staff are available to provide information about our courses, and answer any questions
  • offer a phone service so students can call us for bespoke advice and information, and ask any questions using our online form
  • provide an array of information on our website, including answers to frequently asked questions
  • encourage students to subscribe to our newsletter for our latest application tips and information on courses, scholarships, and upcoming events.

While we’ve received just a very small number of complaints about agents in the past year, every complaint we do receive is directed to our Agent Compliance Committee for investigation. The committee also looks at any issues related to a prospective students' application if an agent is attached.

If anyone has concerns around the conduct of one of our authorised agents we urge them to get in touch and let us know, so we can look into the matter and provide appropriate follow up and support.