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30 November 2022

Gen Z tech entrepreneur wins Sydney Genesis startup competition

From compostable packaging and AI-powered film dubbing to 'TikTok for fashion', the latest entrepreneurs have impressed in the University of Sydney Business School's flagship startup accelerator Genesis.
22 November 2022

Australian TV News still lacking cultural diversity despite some progress

The second 'report card' on Indigenous and cultural diversity in Australian television news has revealed small pockets of progress but a long journey ahead, particularly for commercial stations.
22 November 2022

Ali Abbas announced as Australia's first Chief Circular Engineer

Professor Ali Abbas from the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering will work with Circular Australia to accelerate action towards an Australian circular economy by 2030.
21 November 2022

Terminating enterprise agreement can unfairly benefit employers

Most terminations of enterprise agreements are not contentious, but the ability to do so still unfairly benefits some employers, according to new research from the University of Sydney Business School.
21 November 2022

Rapid R&D scaling could put Australia at forefront of net zero

The conference will focus on areas of decarbonisation, such as carbon capture and conversion, creating circular economies, how communities can end the climate wars, and how waste can be transformed into energy and materials.
17 November 2022

Deliveroo's exit from Australia shows why gig workers need more protection

Dr Alex Veen from the University of Sydney Business School unpacks the cutthroat market dynamics of the on-demand gig economy.
16 November 2022

In-depth study supports new solutions for healthcare workers

A major study has shown that healthcare and social assistance workers are twice as likely to file a workplace compensation claim for psychological injuries, compared to a similar dataset of workers in all non-healthcare industries, including construction, retail and law-enforcement services.
11 November 2022

Older carers struggled to balance work and care during pandemic

Workers aged 45-54 with care responsibilities struggled during the first two years of COVID-19 in Australia, with knock on consequences beyond the pandemic, according to a new report published by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR).
10 November 2022

Choice of hours the ‘next big thing’ in workplace flexibility

Associate Professor Stefan Volk from the University of Sydney Business School explores the pros and cons of 'time flexibility' in the modern workplace.
09 November 2022

Students to earn two degrees across Australia and Vietnam

The University of Sydney Business School has partnered with two leading Vietnamese universities to offer a unique international study and work opportunity.