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03 May 2024

Electric vehicles will start to cut emissions and improve air quality in our cities - but only once they're common

Creating a sustainable transport future is about more than greening the power grid, write Professor John Rose and Dr Andrea Pellegrini for The Conversation.
01 May 2024

Where to next in Australia's battle with Elon Musk and X?

Professor Terry Flew, in Digital Communications and Culture, says the Australian government's battle with Elon Musk and X over violent content appears admirable, but will it change anything for those vulnerable to its harm?
01 May 2024

Methane emissions from landfill could be turned into sustainable jet fuel in plasma chemistry leap

A new plasma technique developed by researchers at the University of Sydney could help create a circular economy for waste-generated methane emissions.
22 April 2024

Fake news and misinformation: Sydney universities launch new database

Terry Flew, Professor of Digital Communication and Culture, leads a team of researchers working to combat misinformation, fake news and disinformation online.
18 April 2024

Why your students don't do the readings

It's a common complaint among teachers, but new research suggests a different approach to readings can significantly improve student engagement.
11 April 2024

Net Zero course to equip business leaders ahead of mandatory climate reporting deadline

The transition to net zero is the great challenge of this century, and more support is now available for businesses preparing for new climate reporting requirements.
11 April 2024

Plant more native trees to reduce landslide risk, say researchers

Landslides typically occur under heavy rain. With the potential for increased precipitation due to climate change and a possible return to La Nina reinforcing slopes with native trees and shrubs could be an effective, economical and sustainable solution.
10 April 2024

EVs face future challenges despite increasing uptake

Few Australians are opposed to electric vehicles in principle - but a new transport survey has revealed one key hurdle to widespread uptake.
08 April 2024

Chinese investment in Australia falls to second lowest level since 2006

Chinese investment in Australia has diversified but plateaued, the latest report from The University of Sydney Business School and KPMG reveals.
05 April 2024

New privacy-preserving robotic cameras obscure images beyond human recognition

Robotic researchers have developed a new approach to designing cameras, which they say could help protect the images and data collected by smart home devices and internet-of-things technology.