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21 August 2023

Universities can help fix governments hooked on consultants

There is no question that we need a more active, creative, and capable public service. To do that, education and research in the area needs urgent attention, writes Professor Duncan Ivison.
03 August 2023

How do the Voice to Parliament ads try to influence voters? And is it effective?

The effectiveness of four different advertising campaigns for and against the Voice to Parliament have been analysed by Associate Professors Tom van Laer and Catherine Sutton-Brady from the University of Sydney Business School.
19 July 2023

How the Voice 'yes' and 'no' camps have sold their messages

Expertise, familiarity and likeability are pitted against 10 reasons to vote no in the pamphlets for and against the Voice to Parliament, writes Associate Professor Tom van Laer from the University of Sydney Business School.
17 July 2023

Stronger union rights can mean more productive, sustainable workplaces

Union rights are vital for giving workers "collective voice" and thereby improving economic performance, writes Associate Professor Chris F Wright in the Sydney Morning Herald.
15 July 2023

Fish-free omega-3 supplement created from bacteria

A new generation omega-3 supplement has been commercialised by a research affiliate in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the Sydney Knowledge Hub to address the increasing demand for omega-3s amid diminishing supply from fish stocks.
11 July 2023

Digital skin check service wins Sydney Genesis startup competition

A dermatologist who has developed technology to tackle melanoma has won $25,000 towards his venture in the University of Sydney Business School's flagship startup accelerator.
04 July 2023

SMART solutions needed for stressed care workforce

Poor work relationships and unmanageable demands on healthcare workers in NSW have prompted the industry to trial work design strategies that improve workers' mental health and wellbeing.
04 July 2023

5-minute brain break: refresh your mind (anywhere)

Researchers from University of Sydney set out to discover which common attention hacks really work. They found a 5-minute break from thinking is all you need to get your concentration back. There is no need for a walk along a river, or a lengthy video of bamboo forests swaying in the wind (although that could be nice). A five-minute total break will do the trick.
03 July 2023

PwC scandal a symptom of a narrow mindset that governs Australia's tax matters

The trickle-down economics mantra is still so entrenched in our tax mindset that not even the critics have entertained challenging its assumptions, writes Dr Mattia Anesa, Associate Professor Paul Spee and Associate Professor Fabio James Petani in The Canberra Times.
29 June 2023

University of Sydney leadership on gender pay gap recognised

The University of Sydney has been admitted as a member of the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC), an organisation which aims to achieve equal pay for women and men everywhere.