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26 September 2022

Majority of Gen Z unaware of how meat consumption impacts climate

A survey of young Australians by a University of Sydney researcher found that while the majority believe climate change is anthropogenic - caused by humans - fewer than half understand the impact of livestock and meat consumption.
21 September 2022

Researchers uncover ‘pecking order of defaults’ as belts tighten

The University of Sydney Business School and credit bureau illion have confirmed which financial products are more valuable to consumers when they start to feel the pinch - and which ones they are likely to default on first.
20 September 2022

Graduate invention the cream of the oat crop

For some graduates, like Sarah Qian who studied in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, the road less travelled can prove to be the most fruitful.
12 September 2022

‘Techies’ help millions globally access better healthcare

From Haiti to Myanmar, Associate Professor Manoj A. Thomas of the University of Sydney Business School has improved healthcare access for millions around the world - and now his sights are set on Oceania.

09 September 2022

Barangaroo is a masterclass in planning as deal-making

Professor Dallas Rogers and Associate Professor Cameron Logan from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning examine how the redevelopment of the Barangaroo precinct on Sydney Harbour is a "world-leading example of unsolicited urbanism".
08 September 2022

Female directors improve corporate social responsibility

Companies are more likely to take corporate social responsibility seriously if they have more women on their board of directors, new University of Sydney Business School research reveals.

07 September 2022

Students to earn two degrees, studying across Australia and India

A new partnership gives students the opportunity to earn two degrees in four years and experience university life in India and Australia.
06 September 2022

University of Sydney partners with Tata Consultancy Services

A new partnership with Tata Consultancy Services will foster joint research projects and learning opportunities for students across India and Australia.
05 September 2022

India visit to strengthen research and education partnerships

The Vice-Chancellor's week-long trip highlights India's vital importance to the University and to higher education in Australia.
31 August 2022

Fixing Australia's teacher shortage

Professor Anthony Welch from the School of Education and Social Work examines whether bringing in more teachers from overseas, as proposed by politicians, will really fix Australia's "unprecedented" teacher shortage.