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Student Leader program

The program offers paid positions at Widening Participation and Outreach events and programs across the year. These are in recognition of the efforts and contributions of our volunteers and/or student involvement in other university community and outreach initiatives.

As a Student Leader at the University you will:

  • work collaboratively with Widening Participation and Outreach staff, faculty-based facilitators and presenters, and school staff to ensure the safety, supervision and efficient guidance, engagement and participation of students around the University of Sydney and surrounding environments
  • be a positive role model, and mentor on residential programs
  • demonstrate enthusiasm about the benefits of higher education and be eager to share your knowledge and experiences with others.


You will qualify as a Student Leader if you have:

  • completed at least your first year of study at the University of Sydney, if you are an undergraduate student
  • graduated from an undergraduate degree from the University of Sydney, if you are a postgraduate student
  • well-developed knowledge, understanding and lived-experience of student life including academic commitments, extra-curricular activities and support structures for students*
  • demonstrated exemplary attendance and reporting submissions
  • performed the role of Faculty ambassador and come recommended as a suitable candidate to represent discipline knowledge and experience.

*Exceptions may be made to this requirement by Widening Participation and Outreach staff based on essential and desired knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications required for the role.

What you gain from the program

In addition to making a positive and lasting contribution to school children, Student Leaders gain a multitude of valuable skills and attributes from being a part of the program, including:

  • developing seven out of the nine graduate qualities, setting Student Leaders up for success in their post-university careers
  • broadening your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills
  • improving your cultural competencies through working collaboratively in diverse groups and settings
  • building confidence, leadership and mentoring skills, personal resilience and the capacity to manage challenges.

Ella McDermott

Student Leader and Volunteering Officer
Last updated: 12 February 2020

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