Our 2022 content archive


23 May 2022

Ensuring a just future for coal mining communities in Australia

As the inevitable shift away from fossil fuels occurs, communities on the frontline must not be left behind. We hear from Dr Robert MacNeil on the barriers to achieving a just transition and our post-coal future in Australia.
20 May 2022

Striking from school for the climate

In recent years, school strikers demanding climate justice have challenged the education system. Researchers Dr Blanche Verlie and Alicia Flynn consider activism as a form of learning, and the implications of the climate crisis on schooling.
13 May 2022

Expanding environmental justice through a lens of political philosophy

How can the concepts of political theorists Michel Foucault and Hannah Arendt be applied to critical environmental justice? Here, 2022 Honours Fellow Ailish Ryan discusses her research into how philosophical notions of self-care and freedom can inform interpersonal, localised environmentalism.
29 April 2022

The role of environmental human rights in the Warragamba Dam wall raising proposal

How does access to information around environmental decision-making impact communities? We hear from 2022 Honours Fellow Olivia Mulligan about her research into public participation in the Warragamba Dam Wall Raising Proposal.
28 April 2022

We need to talk about Australia’s ‘unnatural’ disasters

Viewing human-induced climate disasters such as the recent Australian floods as ‘UnNatural’ is necessary to demand greater government accountability, writes Professor Rosemary Lyster.
21 April 2022

European romanticism and colonial environmental violence

2022 Honours Fellow Vivienne Goodes talks to SEI about the parallels between the rise of ecological consciousness in Europe and colonial destruction of Indigenous environments and cultures.
13 April 2022

Knowledge integration and aesthetic experience in the climate crisis

We sit down with Michael Stratford Hutch, SEI’s inaugural Iain McCalman Honours Fellow, to hear about their Honours research on the “praxial rift” between knowledge and action in response to the climate crisis.
11 April 2022

Action today for tomorrow series: without a root, a tree cannot stand

As part of SEI’s Action Today for Tomorrow Series, Togolese activist Kaossara Sani advocates for global unity in securing climate justice for all.
05 April 2022

Introducing SEI’s Communities on the Frontline series

Weaving together several SEI research projects, this new series hears from communities at the centre of Australia’s shifting energy landscape.
29 March 2022

Kin and connectivity: thinking with Deborah Bird Rose

SEI Deputy Director Thom van Dooren reflects upon the legacy and impact of anthropologist Deborah Bird Rose with the release of a new edited collection.