07 August 2023

Stories of courage: caring for animals during bushfires

In the face of worsening climate disasters, a Sydney Environment Institute project seeks to understand the work being done by communities to protect animals during catastrophic fires, and how this can be better supported.
02 August 2023

Communities self-organising for climate disasters

In their submission to the Senate inquiry into Australia’s disaster resilience, the Sydney Environment Institute illustrated that community responses to climate disasters have been critical and need support.
28 July 2023

On matters of justice for species, beings and country

To what extent can the term ‘multispecies justice’ help us conceptualise justice between beings? How might it intersect or collide with other notions of justice? The Beyond Bios symposium grappled with these questions.
04 July 2023

NAIDOC Week: Welcoming new Gadi trees on the Gadigal campus

To mark the start of NAIDOC Week activities at the University, SEI Deputy Director Rosanne Quinnell introduced a series of new Gadi trees at the Chau Chak Wing Museum.
26 June 2023

SEI’s 2024 collaborative grant applications are now open

Applications have opened for the Sydney Environment Institute’s 2024 Collaborative Grants Scheme, which aims to foster multidisciplinary research projects addressing core environmental issues.
20 June 2023

Exploitation to respect: changing how we relate to other species

In this Q&A, poet, scholar and environmentalist Craig Santos Perez discusses how he engages with the natural world through his work, ahead of the Sydney Environment Institute's public panel on Indigenous multispecies justice.
08 June 2023

This World Ocean Day, let’s change how we relate to the ocean

A new project captures understandings about how the ocean relates to the global north and south, and raises questions of social justice, relations with marine others, environments, food sovereignty, and more-than-human dignity.
06 June 2023

The wind energy industry's successes and failures

Wind energy is playing a leading role in meeting emissions reduction targets, but the global wind industry is increasingly volatile and concentrated – with implications for its future growth and for decarbonisation.
22 May 2023

The ethics of modifying animal behaviours for conservation

SEI researchers have collaborated on the first overview of the ethical challenges raised by modifying animal behaviours to achieve conservation outcomes.
09 May 2023

The RBA Review: A missed opportunity for climate transitions

SEI researchers Sophie Webber and Gareth Bryant analyse the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Review and its missed opportunity to outline a modern role for the RBA in addressing climate change and supporting a low carbon transition in coordination with fiscal and regulatory authorities.