02 May 2023

Climate change and social capital: Professor Daniel Aldrich visits SEI

Leading political scientist Daniel Aldrich emphasised the importance of strong social relationships in building community resilience in the face of climate disasters.
01 May 2023

Building resilience to the mental health impacts of climate change in rural Australia

Climate anxiety and the mental health and well-being impacts of extreme weather-related events are of growing concern globally. In Australia, rural communities in particular are dealing with unprecedented drought, fires and floods every few weeks. The mental health and well-being impacts of such climate change induced events are numerous. However, little is known about what promotes the resilience of rural communities to these impacts.
26 April 2023

Announcing SEI’s 2024 collaborative grants scheme

The Sydney Environment Institute is pleased to announce that applications will open in June for 2024 collaborative project funding and collaborative fellowships. These opportunities aim to foster multidisciplinary research projects addressing core environmental issues.
20 April 2023

The role of Wild Law in responding to ecological crises

How can the legal system protect our environment? We hear from SEI Honours Fellow Libby Newton about her research exploring the potential for the rights of nature and ecocide laws to impose accountability for human-caused ecological harms.
13 April 2023

Exploring ecologies within urban spaces

How do urban railways provide refuge for biodiversity? 2023 Honours Research Fellow Mik Barrow explains her Honours research into how decisions around railway infrastructure consider urban ecology.
03 April 2023

Empowering marginalised communities through food: the impact of FoodLab Sydney

How can organisations meaningfully engage in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? We hear from Master of Sustainability candidate Emma Holland on her capstone research focusing on measuring and communicating the impact of FoodLab Sydney.
27 March 2023

A future of political theory, when justice is multispecies

What does justice for all Earth beings look like in 2050? In a Special Issue of Political Theory, SEI researchers reflect back from an imagined future world where justice extends beyond the human, and our planet is once again thriving.
23 March 2023

Examining climate change resilience through serious games

We hear from 2023 Honours Research Fellow Grace Barrett-Lennard on her research into the governance of climate disasters and flood resilience planning in the Philippines.
13 March 2023

The politics of an unsettled energy transition

SEI researchers Sophie Webber and Gareth Bryant highlight the key challenges of land, labour and finance in achieving a renewable energy transition in Australia.
07 March 2023

Introducing SEI Postdoctoral Research Fellow Justin See

We hear from 2022 SEI Postdoctoral Research Fellow Justin See about his work on transformative approaches to climate adaptation and justice, and what he is excited about in his new role with SEI.