24 May 2019

Sydney Nursing School honours students at scholarships and prizes evening

Last week, Sydney Nursing School recognised the achievement of its students at a scholarships and prizes evening. Held annually, this event brings donors, alumni, staff, students and their families together.
23 May 2019

Why period stigma should be considered a global health issue

Across the globe, millions of women are skipping school, losing grades and dropping out early to manage their periods - which means missing out on reaching their full potential.

21 May 2019

University of Sydney design students 'hack' needle phobias

Students from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning participated in a 'hackathon' at the Westmead Education and Conference Centre in Westmead Hospital on 12 April to support children with severe needle phobias.
20 May 2019

Scientists rush to support complex insight into obesity

Playwright Alana Valentine has been delighted by responses from scientists to her work Made to Measure, now playing at the Seymour Centre.
20 May 2019

Sydney clinical trial saves thousands of babies' lives each day

For International Clinical Trials Day, we've taken a look back at the most recent award-winning trial run by the University of Sydney NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC), which is saving premature babies' lives around the world.
16 May 2019

What's it really like to study medicine at Sydney?

Are you interested in studying the Doctor of Medicine, but you want the inside scoop on the course before you hit apply? We spoke with two third-year students to give you the low down.
07 May 2019

The science of cannabis and driving

As medical cannabis becomes more readily available, it is imperative that any risks relating to driving are clarified via thorough research.
06 May 2019

Dr Nick Fuller: 5 reasons diets don’t work, and what to do instead

At the heart of International No Diet Day is the celebration of a healthy lifestyle, body acceptance and self-love. Leading obesity researcher Dr Nick Fuller shares his advice on why you should ditch fad diets for good.
01 May 2019

Pain researchers find antidote to deadly box jellyfish sting

A team of pain researchers in the Charles Perkins Centre studied the most venomous creature on earth to learn how venom works and what causes pain.
18 April 2019

Cannabis use in inflammatory bowel disease: new surveys announced

Two new surveys announced for patients using or considering using medicinal cannabis to ease the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and for specialists caring for these patients.