20 June 2024

What can cockroaches teach us about eating well?

Insights from the natural world are helping us better understand why we overeat and how to rebalance our food system to address the problem, writes Professor David Raubenheimer from the Charles Perkins Centre.
19 June 2024

University of Sydney Vietnam Institute launches in Vietnam

The University of Sydney Vietnam Institute will be a hub of innovative research from public health to sustainability, ranging from leading the fight against tuberculosis to Vietnam's future in engineering and agriculture. The institute launches with ceremonies in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
18 June 2024

South Australia's plan to ban political donations raises risks and benefits

Professor Emerita Anne Twomey examines the risks and benefits of South Australia's plan to ban political parties and candidates from receiving political donations and instead be provided with public funding.
18 June 2024

Tight-knit communities can prevent environmental progress

New research indicates that strong community bonds could hinder rather than help environmental initiatives.
18 June 2024

Koalas can predict and prepare for the hottest days of summer

The iconic marsupial can regulate its temperature to a greater degree than previously thought - but this could prove troublesome as global warming bites.
18 June 2024

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to receive 2024 Sydney Peace Prize

The Sydney Peace Foundation has announced the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement will receive the Sydney Peace Prize in 2024.
14 June 2024

Sydney renews partnership with University of Glasgow

Sydney and Glasgow universities have reaffirmed their relationship with a new research agreement and the conferral of an Honorary Doctorate.
14 June 2024

How University aid assists struggling students to make ends meet

Ever wonder where your donations go? As Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Life, Professor Susanna Scarparo ensures the University is there for students in need.
14 June 2024

Unlocking the power of creativity: Insights from Jonathan Pease

With a diverse career spanning across creative industries, University of Sydney alumnus, Jonathan Pease (MBus '10) shares his insights into maximising your creativity with the Sydney Alumni Community Network.
14 June 2024

Crafting Influence: Pasha Grozdov's blueprint for content creation success

Pasha's journey challenges the notion of easy content creation money, highlighting the expertise and effort behind his success. His story underscores the transformative power of technology in global discourse and serves as inspiration for aspiring creators, urging them to embrace unique narratives for deeper audience connections.