21 May 2024

Shirley Chowdhary awarded honorary doctorate

Distinguished alumna Shirley Chowdhary has been awarded an honorary doctorate in recognition of her achievements and leadership across industries and advocacy for the advancement of Indigenous education and gender equality.
21 May 2024

How three tenacious reefs can help restore global oyster populations

Researchers at the University of Sydney have revealed how our oyster reefs can provide lessons on reef restoration projects.
21 May 2024

Can you control your image? Gina Rinehart, King Charles and 'moral portraits'

From heroic Roman emperors to caricature and King Charles III, Professor Roger Benjamin from Art History discusses Vincent Namatjira's painting of Gina Rinehart and when or if a portrait's subject should have control over the artist's depiction.
20 May 2024

University of Sydney's 2023 financial position

In 2023, the University of Sydney recorded a surplus of $351.8 million in overall terms, an increase on 2022's $298.5 million surplus, yet significantly less than 2021's one-off result.
20 May 2024

Shipwreck origins: Reconnecting 'orphaned' objects

Maritime discussions in Southeast Asia often overlook underwater heritage. A new research project co-led by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre addresses the issue of salvaged cultural items losing their historical context due to commercial and illicit salvaging. By using archaeological science and engaging local communities, the project aims to trace objects back to their original shipwrecks.
20 May 2024

ChatGPT is now better than ever at faking human emotion and behaviour

As AI becomes more adept at mimicking human emotion, the risk of users forming deep emotional attachments could lead to over-reliance, manipulation and even harm, writes Dr Marcel Scharth for The Conversation.
20 May 2024

The tentacles of retracted science reach deep into social media. A simple button could change that.

On social media, health myths based on debunked science abound. A new tool could be social media's best defence against misinformation.
20 May 2024

Celebrating the volunteers who make our programs possible

From mentorship to citizen science, our volunteers donate their time and expertise across a huge range of University of Sydney programs to help us build a stronger community.
20 May 2024

Contraception options should be given with oral retinoids to avoid serious harm to unborn babies

Prescription oral retinoids to treat acne are increasing in popularity. Concerningly, data reveals not enough precautions are being taken to protect women from the risk of serious congenital abnormalities if they fall pregnant while on this medication.
17 May 2024

Associate Professor Sophie Gee appointed inaugural Vice-Chancellor Fellow

The University of Sydney has appointed Associate Professor Sophie Gee as inaugural Vice-Chancellor Fellow with a focus on public intellectual discourse and collaboration.