30 May 2024

How Furiosa's silence in the new Mad Max speaks volumes about women's agency

Furiosa deploys strategic silence to cement her status as prize warrior rather than prize breeder in the latest Mad Max saga, a shift that progresses the film's portrayal of women's stories, says Associate Professor in English Rebecca Johinke.
29 May 2024

Australian Laureate Fellowships honour two researchers

Two University of Sydney academics have been awarded prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowships from the Australian Research Council.
28 May 2024

David Gonski AC awarded Doctor of Business

David Gonski AC was today admitted to the degree of Doctor of Business (honoris causa) for his outstanding and visionary leadership, exceptional contribution to the business community and to education, and for his support of the arts.
28 May 2024

Now More Than Ever - the fight for justice must continue

Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver writes about this year's National Reconciliation Week theme, and how we must continue to work together in our Nation's reconciliation journey.
27 May 2024

Sir Christopher Clark awarded honorary doctorate

Renowned historian and distinguished alumnus Sir Christopher Clark was today awarded an honorary doctorate, conferred by the Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Mark Scott AO.
26 May 2024

A guide to unconventional send-offs

If you want to be buried on your own land or donate your body to science, it's important to understand the regulations in your state and make your intentions known to your next of kin, writes Professor Sandra van der Laan for The Conversation.
24 May 2024

Professor Tom Calma awarded honorary Doctor of Letters

The renowned advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has been recognised for his work to shape a better and fairer Australia.
23 May 2024

Age verification for social media: Do kids and parents even want it?

Age verification for social media would impact all of us. Dr Justine Humphry, Dr Catherine Page Jeffery, Dr Jonathon Hutchinson and Dr Olga Boichak from Media and Communications investigate the efficacy and risks of age-checking technologies and whether there are better approaches to mitigating online harms affecting young people.
23 May 2024

Everybody's Home: National conversation about the housing crisis

Australia's first People's Commission into the Housing Crisis reveals the human toll of housing stress, with 58 percent of respondents struggling. Led by Professor Nicole Gurran from the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, and former Labor senator Doug Cameron, the commission hears from affected citizens today. Solutions are urgently needed to ease housing stress.
23 May 2024

Three Sydney researchers elected Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science

Three University of Sydney scientists are among 24 researchers newly elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.