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International loan schemes

United States Veteran Affairs Benefits

The University of Sydney accepts students who are eligible for a range of US Veterans Affairs Benefit Programs. We are accredited under the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill to administer US Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) funding.

If you’re eligible, the Department of Veteran Affairs will pay education benefits to assist with an approved program of education or training.


Each Veteran Affairs education program has distinct eligibility requirements under specific chapters of Title 38, US Code (USC).

The US Department of Veterans Affairs is the only organisation authorised to determine your eligibility. If you have specific questions relating to eligibility, please contact the department.

Buffalo VA Regional Office (Foreign Schools)
PO Box 4616 Buffalo
NY 14240 – 4616 USA
T +1 918 781 5678

Approved programs

An approved program is a course of study or a program of training that has been determined by the DVA as meeting the legal requirements for payment of educational assistance benefits to veterans and other eligible people. 

If your program is not on the list of approved programs, please contact us so we can request for it to be added. The program approval process may take up to six months, so you need to apply as early as possible.

Approved programs include:

  • Agriculture, Bachelor of Science
  • Arts, Bachelor
  • Business Administration, MBA
  • Business Administration (Leadership & Enterprise), MBA
  • Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering
  • Chemistry, Bachelor of Science
  • Commerce, Bachelor
  • Commerce, Master
  • Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)
  • Computer Science, Bachelor of Science
  • Data Science, Master
  • Doctor of Medicine, MD
  • Economics, Bachelor
  • Economics, Bachelor and Bachelor of Advanced Studies
  • Economics, Master
  • Engineering, Bachelor of Science
  • Engineering, Master
  • Exercise & Sport Science, Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Exercise & Sport Science, Master
  • Genetics, Bachelor of Medical Science
  • Global Executive MBA
  • Graduate Diploma of Peace and Conflict Studies
  • International Studies, Graduate Diploma
  • Information Systems, Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Information Technology Management, Master
  • International Business, Master
  • International Law, Master
  • International Relations, Master
  • International Security, Graduate Diploma
  • International Studies, Master
  • International Security, Master
  • Languages, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies
  • Liberal Arts and Science, Bachelor
  • Logistics Management, Graduate Diploma
  • Marketing, Master
  • Media and Communications, Bachelor
  • Museum and Heritage Studies, Master
  • Musical Arts, Doctoral
  • Nursing (Advanced Studies), Bachelor
  • Nursing, Master
  • Occupational Therapy, Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Occupational Therapy, Master
  • Oral Health, Bachelor
  • Pharmacology, Bachelor of Science
  • Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Professional Engineering, Master
  • Project Management, Master
  • Psychology, Bachelor of Science
  • Public Health, Master
  • Public Policy, Master
  • Philosophy (Science), Master
  • Philosophy, PHD
  • Professional Accounting, Master
  • Social Work (Qualifying), Master
  • Social Work, Bachelor
  • Sydney Juris Doctor
  • Taronga Wildlife Conservation, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies
  • Transport, Master
  • Veterinary Medicine, Doctor
  • Veterinary Science, Bachelor
  • Visual Arts, Bachelor

How to apply

You can apply for the Veterans Affairs benefits online through the Veteran online application website. To complete a paper application form, call the VA Office on 888 442 4551 (from the U.S.) to request an application form be mailed to you.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will issue you with a Certificate of Eligibility. You need to provide this to our International Loans Team to certify your enrolment.

Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility to notify our International Loans Team if you reduce your hours of enrolment by withdrawing from a unit, terminating your enrolment, or making any other changes that would affect your payment status. If you withdraw or drop a unit, you may have to repay all or part of the benefits you received for the unit(s).

If the benefits you are eligible for do not meet your expected costs, you may apply for US Financial Aid under the Federal Direct Loans Program.

For further information please contact the Department of Veteran Affairs or our International Loans office at

Last updated: 07 September 2021

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