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Changes to the personal information you provide for 2023

The University is committed to being a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment where all students feel supported to express their identities authentically. To help us better acknowledge the diversity of our community and support our students, we are making changes to the personal information you provide in Sydney Student to give you more inclusive choices.

Gender and pronouns

You now have the choice to tell us your pronouns in Sydney Student. You’ll be able to select from a list of gendered options (eg. 'he/him', 'she/her') and gender-neutral options (eg. 'ey/em', 'zie/zim'). We’re working on how we can share this information with our other systems. This won’t occur immediately, however we aim to be able to use your pronouns in internal communications, such as when you send an online enquiry.

We’ve also updated the choices available when you tell us your gender identity. You can select from binary options (eg. man, woman) and gender-diverse options (eg. genderqueer, nonbinary). We’ll use this information to gain a better understanding of the diversity of our students and tailor our approach to enhance your learning experience.

You can add your pronouns or review your gender now in Sydney Student (go to ‘My details’) or update this information when you re-enrol for 2023.

Find out more about gender and pronouns.

Preferred (or chosen) name

We’re looking into which systems display your preferred or chosen name to see how we can use it more. For now, we’ve added this to your Sydney Student portal and in-tray.

While we are required to use your legal name on formal academic paperwork, such as your academic transcript, we recognise and affirm your right to be known by a name that’s different to your legal name while you study.

See our Personal Details page to find out about changing your legal, preferred or chosen name in Sydney Student.

Why we’ve made these changes

We acknowledge that individuals may identify as a gender which is not exclusively man or woman, or differs from the sex they were assigned at birth or during infancy. The technology changes we are making align with the University’s strategic 10-year vision, to embrace equity, diversity and inclusion as core to our success, and to help our community feel supported to express their identities authentically.