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Transcripts and academic records

Degree certificate (testamur)

A testamur is the legal certification of your degree and will be given to you at the time of graduation (or sent to you if graduating in absentia). You will receive a hard copy and a digital copy through My eQuals.

It contains your name, the course you completed (including major(s), but not minor(s)), the date it was conferred, and will be signed by the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education).

It can be used to demonstrate your qualifications to employers, industry, education institutions and professional bodies or associations and is recognised worldwide.

Replacement testamurs

You can only order a replacement testamur (degree certificate) if your original has been lost, stolen, damaged or if your name has changed. The University will issue one original testamur for each degree that you complete.

Your hard-copy replacement testamur will be produced in our current testamur style and 'Replacement testamur' will be printed at the right-hand corner. You will also receive a digital version, available through My eQuals.

If you’re requesting a replacement testamur and graduated from an amalgamated college or commenced before 1981, digital copies through My eQuals will not be available to you.

How to request a replacement

Fill out the Application for a replacement testamur (doc, 118KB)and return it to us by providing a digital (scanned) copy of your application and Statutory Declaration to

For verification purposes, you need to retain your original application form for 1 year as it may be requested at a later date.

  • If your original testamur is damaged or you require a name change you’ll need to include it with your application.
  • If your testamur was lost or stolen, you’ll need to fill out a statutory declaration outlining exactly what happened to it.

Your name will appear on your testamur as it is recorded on our records. You can update your personal details in Sydney Student. If you don’t have access to Sydney Student you can submit a Change of personal details form (pdf, 225KB).

You will need to submit your application and make payment by the deadline for the relevant upcoming conferral/issue date.

Replacement testamur issue dates 2022

Application and payment received

Issue date

Saturday 27 November 2021 – Friday 14 January 2022

Monday 24 January

Saturday 15 January - Friday 11 February

Monday 21 February

Saturday 12 February - Friday 11 March

Monday 21 March

Saturday 12 March – Friday 25 March

Monday 4 April

Saturday 26 March - Friday 22 April

Monday 2 May

Saturday 23 April - Friday 27 May

Monday 6 June

Saturday 28 May - Friday 24 June

Monday 4 July

Saturday 25 June - Friday 29 July

Monday 8 August

Saturday 30 July - Friday 26 August

Monday 5 September

Saturday 27 August - Friday 23 September

Tuesday 4 October

Saturday 24 September - Friday 28 October

Monday 7 November

Saturday 29 October - Friday 25 November

Monday 5 December

Payment and processing times




Hard-copy (+digital)


All documents are sent by registered post.

Domestic postage: $15

International postage: $55

Processing time will vary as we need to wait until the next issue date to process your testamur. After we receive your Replacement Testamur form, the Graduations Office will send you the payment website and payment due date to your nominated email address.

Receiving your testamur

We post documents within one week of the conferral/issue date. After your replacement testamur is issued, we’ll also send you an email containing a URL with instructions on how to access the digital version through My eQuals.

Student Centre



1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864)
or +61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)

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Last updated: 24 March 2022

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