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AMME4010: Major Industrial Project

2024 unit information

Enrolment in this unit is through a competitive scholarship application process which requires a WAM of at least 70. Successful applicants are partnered with an industry organisation where they will complete 6 months full?time at the organisation's site to carry out an engineering applied research project and other work assigned by the organisation. Students will receive a monthly scholarship payment from the University. This unit effectively replaces two thesis units and two elective units. Project work will be jointly supervised by an academic from the school and also a nominated industry supervisor.

Unit details and rules

Managing faculty or University school:

Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic

Code AMME4010
Academic unit Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic
Credit points 24
36 cp of any 3000- or higher level Engineering units of study with 70% average
AMME4111 or AMME4112 or ENGG4000 or MECH4601
Assumed knowledge:

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Investigate stakeholder needs and apply research methods to solve a complex industry problem or inform a complex decision or create a new product or process
  • LO2. Apply project management techniques in the planning and execution of an applied research project
  • LO3. Demonstrate in-depth technical knowledge related to the project
  • LO4. Identify additional learning needs required to carry out the research project, seek out learning resources and apply new skills and knowledge
  • LO5. Apply both industry and academic standard documentation practices in the process of documenting project progress and outcomes
  • LO6. Synthesise and present project findings to academic and industry colleagues in both formal and informal presentations
  • LO7. Work competently within organisational structures and policies, particularly those relating to Work Health and Safety

Unit availability

This section lists the session, attendance modes and locations the unit is available in. There is a unit outline for each of the unit availabilities, which gives you information about the unit including assessment details and a schedule of weekly activities.

The outline is published 2 weeks before the first day of teaching. You can look at previous outlines for a guide to the details of a unit.

Session MoA ?  Location Outline ? 
Semester 1 2024
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Semester 2 2024
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Outline unavailable
Session MoA ?  Location Outline ? 
Semester 1 2020
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Semester 2 2020
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Semester 1 2021
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Semester 2 2021
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Semester 1 2022
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Semester 2 2022
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Semester 1 2023
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
Semester 2 2023
Supervision Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney

Modes of attendance (MoA)

This refers to the Mode of attendance (MoA) for the unit as it appears when you’re selecting your units in Sydney Student. Find more information about modes of attendance on our website.

Important enrolment information

Departmental permission requirements

If you see the ‘Departmental Permission’ tag below a session, it means you need faculty or school approval to enrol. This may be because it’s an advanced unit, clinical placement, offshore unit, internship or there are limited places available.

You will be prompted to apply for departmental permission when you select this unit in Sydney Student.

Read our information on departmental permission.

Additional advice

This unit requires departmental permission which will be approved for students who have obtained an ESIPS placement. Refer to Canvas ( for information on how to apply for ESIPS. Please include your completed form in your permission request for review by the Faculty. Students whose degree includes the Professional Engagement Program must enrol in all PEP units. AMME4010 will count toward the Engineering Work requirement.