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ANHS2606: The City of Rome: History and Landscape

'The city, stick to the city, and live in its light.' (Cicero) This unit will explore the rich history of Rome's urban landscape from the middle Republic (c.200BCE) to the early fourth century CE. We will examine the ways in which the physical city interacted with and even affected the political, religious and cultural life of the Romans and how the great monuments of Empire were eventually destroyed, recovered and reinvented by later ages.

Code ANHS2606
Academic unit Classics and Ancient History
Credit points 6
6 Junior credit points in ANHS and 6 credit points in any of Ancient History, History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Greek (Ancient) or Latin or 12 credit points at 1000 level in Archaeology

The learning outcomes for this unit will be available two weeks before the first day of teaching.

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