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ANHS3635: Historiography Ancient and Modern

Historical consciousness is only one of many differentpathways to understanding the past, one closely associated with the development of 'History' as a literary genre in Ancient Greece. How did this mode of understanding the human past emerge and come to dominate our thinking about past events and processes?What does it mean to explain the past 'historically'? How has history developed its explanations of the actions, behaviours and thoughts of human beings in the past from the Enlightenment to the present? This unit explores the 'history of History' by offering a toolkit for making sense of the wide range of theoretical positions which support historical explanations.

Code ANHS3635
Academic unit Classics and Ancient History
Credit points 6
12 credit points at 2000-level from Ancient History or (6 credit points at 2000 level from Ancient History and 6 credit points at 2000 level from History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Ancient Greek, or Latin)
ANHS2691 or ANHS2692 or ANHS2612

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate knowledge of the philosophy and practice of history and the ability to apply it to the critique and creation of historical writing
  • LO2. communicate this knowledge effectively in written and oral English
  • LO3. demonstrate an awareness of the characteristics of scholarly debate on various approaches to history and engage with it in a critical, reasoned and independent manner
  • LO4. demonstrate an awareness of the problematic nature of many familiar concepts and of ways in which such problems have been addressed
  • LO5. demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively to create knowledge with tolerance and integrity
  • LO6. demonstrate an awareness of the use and abuse of history as part of the use and abuse of knowledge of all kinds
  • LO7. reflect on the nature of historical knowledge and the relevance of history in the 21st century
  • LO8. demonstrate conceptual historiographic awareness and skills as an integral step in the overall teaching and learning of advanced students in the ancient history major
  • LO9. demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the connections between history, philosophy and the natural and social sciences in the production of knowledge
  • LO10. demonstrate a working knowledge of the major theoretical approaches in historiography
  • LO11. demonstrate an awareness of cross-cultural issues by examining the nature of history within different cultures
  • LO12. demonstrate the ability to examine history as part of a complex intellectual domain and use it to engage with familiar contexts and assumptions
  • LO13. demonstrate an awareness of the ethical issues in the writing of history
  • LO14. reflect critically on the nature of history and, therefore, on the nature of instituted knowledge of any kind.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.