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Unit of study_

ASNS2613: Chinese Thought

This unit offers students the opportunity to explore China's major traditions of philosophy and practice through English translations of key texts as well as authoritative secondary studies. The main foci of the unit include the following major areas: diversity and polemics in early Chinese thought, developments in Daoism, Buddhist thought and influence, and Neo-Confucian (Daoxue) thought.

Code ASNS2613
Academic unit Asian Studies
Credit points 6
12 credit points at 1000 level from Asian Studies or Chinese or Indonesian or Japanese or Korean Studies or Sanskrit or Philosophy

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. have a balanced and structured understanding of key developments in the history of Chinese philosophy.
  • LO2. identify, define and interpret a large number of theoretical positions which characterized the development of Chinese thought over the centuries.
  • LO3. approach key topics in an objective and coherent manner.
  • LO4. develop a capacity for critical thinking.
  • LO5. clearly express your ideas in correct English in both written and oral assessments.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.