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ASNS2627: India, China, Tibet: Cultural Relations

Buddhism is a trans-Asian phenomenon originating in India. The doctrines and practices of late Indian and tantric Buddhism contain manifold philosophies, deities and rituals. They spread to Tibet from the 8th Century onward and interacted with and influenced Chinese and Mongolian cultures. This unit provides an overview of the philosophical systems and practices of Mahayana and tantric Buddhism which emerged in India and were re-imagined in Tibet. It also explores how pre-modern cultural interactions with Indian and Chinese traditions provided ideological contexts for the Tibetan religious and political institutions.

Code ASNS2627
Academic unit
Credit points 6
12 credit points at 1000 level in Asian Studies or Japanese Studies or Korean Studies or Chinese Studies or Indonesian Studies or Sanskrit or History

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. place religious, social and political movements within larger historical and ideological contexts
  • LO2. place contemporary issues in interactions between India, China and Tibet within larger historical and ideological contexts
  • LO3. demonstrate methodological awareness of issues in cross-cultural research in the humanities
  • LO4. appreciate the ways in which a culture‚Äôs understanding of itself develops through the interaction between its social, cultural and religious traditions, and how these are expressed in the emergence of its political institutions
  • LO5. appreciate the ways in which cultural self-understanding is constantly shaped and reshaped through interactions with other cultures
  • LO6. demonstrate a solid foundation for further studies of India, China and Tibet, and Asian Studies in general
  • LO7. demonstrate analytical skills that will enrich their studies in fields beyond Asian Studies.

Unit outlines

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