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BIDH3146: Cyberpsychology in Digital Health

Cyberpsychology in Digital Health provides a workshop series into how digital technology impacts human behaviour - specifically how societal and individual health is affected by the internet and other popular technologies. The course will be based on evidence-based research and policy guidelines set by the Australian and American Medical Associations, and peak Psychological organisations such as the APS, BPS and APA regarding the use of information technology in the following areas: how types of digital tools and functions may affect human behaviour; the ethics and viability of delivering health resources online; the rise of serious games for health; social media in health; provision of therapy over the internet for general health and mental health; VR/AR and XR use in health and wellbeing; quality control, data security, and assessment of general and specific online health resources; and how AI and machine learning is being utilised in Cyberpsychology. The workshop series will conclude with a look at future directions of Cyberpsychology and its application to digital health and well being globally.

Code BIDH3146
Academic unit Department of Medical Sciences
Credit points 6

The learning outcomes for this unit will be available two weeks before the first day of teaching.

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