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Unit of study_

BIOL1996: Life and Evolution (SSP)

Biology is an immensely diverse science. Biologists study life at all levels, from the fundamental building blocks (genes, and proteins) to whole ecosystems in which myriad species interact. Evolution is the unifying concept that runs through the life sciences, from the origin and diversification of life to understanding behaviour, to dealing with disease. Evolution through natural selection is the framework in biology in which specific details make sense. Science builds and organises knowledge of life and evolution in the form of testable hypotheses. The practical work syllabus for BIOL1996 is different from that of BIOL1906 (Advanced) and consists of a special project-based laboratory.

Code BIOL1996
Academic unit Life and Environmental Sciences Academic Operations
Credit points 6
BIOL1001 or BIOL1911 or BIOL1991 or BIOL1006 or BIOL1906 or BIOL1993 or BIOL1998
Assumed knowledge:
90 or above in HSC Biology or equivalent

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. explain the process of evolution as the unifying theory in biology
  • LO2. describe genes as the functional units of information and explain how genes transfer biological information from one generation to the next
  • LO3. explain how biological information is expressed (from DNA to RNA and then to protein) and how this, in turn, affects biological form and function
  • LO4. describe and explain Mendelian inheritance and apply this to solve genetics problems
  • LO5. articulate an understanding of the temporal and spatial scale of the evolutionary process
  • LO6. integrate ideas about the commonality of life systems and their complexity
  • LO7. propose and test hypotheses to explain biological phenomena
  • LO8. understand the concepts and language of modern biology
  • LO9. find and analyse information for the purpose of enquiry and critical analysis
  • LO10. communicate key concepts in biology both verbally and in written text
  • LO11. take a team approach both to scientific investigation and the process of learning
  • LO12. use laboratory equipment, computing, numeracy and data handling.