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Unit of study_

BIOL3918: Gene Technology and Genomics (Adv)

Qualified students will participate in alternative components of BIOL3018 Gene Technology and Genomics. The content and nature of these components may vary from year to year.

Code BIOL3918
Academic unit Life and Environmental Sciences Academic Operations
Credit points 6
A mark of 75 or above in (GEGE2X01 or MBLG2X72 or GENE2002) and a mark of 75 or above in (MBLG2X71 or BIOL2XXX or BCMB2XXX or QBIO2001 or IMMU2XXX or MEDS2003)

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand regulations governing the generation and use of gene technologies
  • LO2. know, understand and analyse genomic information
  • LO3. define and describe different gene technologies
  • LO4. compare and contrast gene technologies and their application
  • LO5. develop skills in the use and application of molecular biology tools
  • LO6. formulate ideas on the applications of genomic information to gene technology
  • LO7. relate the use of gene technologies to improving our world.