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BUSS5220: Responsible Business Mindset

The grand challenges of sustainability, climate change, social inequality, health and wellbeing, and corporate misconduct have revealed a critical need to transform business beyond the singular mindset of shareholder primacy. Coupled with this, a business must be proactive in establishing and maintaining its social license to operate as increasing risk and uncertainty has exposed a loss of trust in business. In response, this unit centres on co-creating a responsible business mindset with students based on an understanding that a business is deeply connected with the society and environment in which it operates. It is oriented towards examining the practices of business where organisational and personal considerations for ethical, sustainable, environmental and community objectives are embedded within, and not in conflict with, the desire to be profitable. An understanding of how a responsible business mindset can be shaped by the Sustainable Development Goals, ethical, Indigenous and other relevant frameworks is interwoven with consideration of the evolving legal and institutional structures for corporate governance and the role of business culture in the context of a broader set of stakeholders. Multi-disciplinary insights from the legal, workplace, marketing, accounting and finance perspectives provide context and texture, as students orient themselves with developing responses to practical market realities, drawing on theoretical understandings of a responsible business mindset. This unit integrates a responsible business mindset in all aspects of organisational planning, processes, reporting and decision-making, with the aim to develop future leaders who are not only mindful of the outcomes of responsible business actions, but can also bring critical reflection to such theories and practices.

Code BUSS5220
Academic unit Business School
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Apply conceptual, theoretical and multidisciplinary understanding to approaches to responsible business practice.
  • LO2. Analyse and critically reflect upon business dilemmas through a responsible business mindset.
  • LO3. Critically evaluate innovative solutions to business dilemmas that are both profitable and sustainable.
  • LO4. Work collaboratively and effectively as a team and as an individual examining and developing solutions through a responsible business mindset.
  • LO5. Integrate relevant frameworks such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and targets, and appreciate Indigenous stewardship, as part of advancing a responsible business mindset.