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Unit of study_

CAEL3017: Skin and Sign: Ceramic Surfaces

This unit of study will focus on the development of an in-depth understanding and application of the ceramic surface. It will explore notions of trace, impression, wound, scar, identification, memory and memento through material layering and surface specificity, and the construction of meaning associated with surface qualities such as depth, absorption and incorporation. You will be introduced to a range of applied ceramic surfaces including ceramic pencil, paint and crayon, glaze, screenprint and decal production, as well as found and mixed media surfaces, and kiln firings. Initial instruction and individual experimentation will form the foundations for the completion of a student-generated studio project. This unit would be of particular interest if you want to develop your investigation into three dimensional form and/or broaden the possibilities of the two dimensional surface.

Code CAEL3017
Academic unit Sydney College of the Arts
Credit points 6
12 credit points in CAEL units of study at 2000 level including CAEL2048 or CAEL2072

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. communicate their ideas creatively and effectively
  • LO2. employ appropriate materials and technologies in developing creative research outcomes
  • LO3. be responsible and accountable for their own learning and professional practice
  • LO4. use appropriate technologies and media to effectively gather information
  • LO5. critically evaluate information
  • LO6. Apply OH&S principles to all aspects of practice