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Unit of study_

CAHO4005: Contemporary Arts Honours Seminar

This unit identifies the central theories and dynamics of contemporary visual art praxis that will inform the student’s year-long individual research projects. It also provides an essential framework to develop an understanding of research methodologies to support your project. Topics include approaches to researching, the artist’s methodology, the author's voice and its role in the organising and structuring of texts. You will further develop your critical and analytical skills through readings, discussion and essay writing. Students present an individual seminar on developing studio/dissertation research and write an essay identifying the concepts and practices relevant to their projects.

Code CAHO4005
Academic unit Sydney College of the Arts
Credit points 6
CAHO4001 or CAHO4003 or CAHO4006 or CAHO4008

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. situate your own practice within the field of other practices
  • LO2. demonstrate rigorous and independent thinking
  • LO3. engage critically with social, cultural and ethical issues and apply local and international perspectives to extend your creative practice
  • LO4. communicate your ideas professionally, creatively and effectively
  • LO5. locate your creative perspective in the broader arts and social community
  • LO6. demonstrate awareness, sensitivity and empathy to subjective, cultural and racial differences
  • LO7. use appropriate technologies and media to effectively gather and disseminate information
  • LO8. apply Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) to all aspects of studio practice.