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Unit of study_

CEPI5200: Quality and Safety in Health Care

This course is specifically designed for health professionals working in health care. It will equip participants with underpinning knowledge about patient safety. The course modules cover quality and safety principles, professionalism and ethics, the blame culture, risk information, health care as a system, the impact of adverse events, methods to measure and make improvements in health care. The modules, tools and the discussions are designed to enable participants to change behaviour by understanding the main causes of adverse events. The course provides foundation knowledge about quality and safety. Governments around the world are concerned to address unsafe care. The course will prepare health professional to understand the complexity of health care and take steps to minimise the opportunities for errors and address vulnerabilities in the system.

Code CEPI5200
Academic unit Public Health
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand the background to quality and safety in health care, from Australian and international perspectives
  • LO2. understand the nature of health care error including the methods of error detection and monitoring, and quality indicators
  • LO3. understand the role of good communication and other professional responsibilities in quality and safety in healthcare
  • LO4. understand blame culture, accountability, and systems management
  • LO5. consider methods for improving healthcare such as getting research into practice, clinical practice guidelines, and clinical practice improvement.