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Unit of study_

CHNG3808: Engineering Macromolecules and Nanocomposites

Macromolecules and composite materials find a wide range of applications from construction, food to biomedical engineering. A significant number of engineers are employed by the related industries. This unit of study will facilitate engagement with a broad spectrum of modern engineering principles that range from the synthesis of such materials to design of products and processes for a range of industries with an innovative approach. The unit will also enable an understanding of developing sustainable technologies with the materials for producing goods used within industries or by consumers. The industrial applications will range from chemical, biomedical to electronics and nanotechnology. New and emerging technologies will be compared with established operating models. The unit will be delivered through workshops, seminars, class work and project-based learning.

Code CHNG3808
Academic unit Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Credit points 6
Assumed knowledge:
CHNG2801 and 12 cp of CHEM1XXX

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Identify the properties, applications and methods of synthesis for a range of macromolecule and particle-based products
  • LO2. Analyse experimental data and conduct appropriate computations.
  • LO3. Critically analyse and select manufacturing processes for polymer-based products
  • LO4. Appreciate the flow behaviour of complex materials and their processability
  • LO5. Conduct research and report on new and emerging applications for macromolecules and composite materials in the manufacturing of chemical, biomedical, electronic and nanotechnology products