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Unit of study_

CIVL1802: Statics

Unit will focus on Engineering Statics, covering topics such as resolution of forces and moments, free body diagrams, support reactions, equilibrium in rigid bodies, trusses frames and machines, method of sections, method of joints, centroids, distributed forces, vibrations and friction. There will be extensive use of both 2D and 3D examples and solution methods by either resolution in the principle axes or by using vectors. Its main aim is to prepare students for 2nd year civil units such as Structural Mechanics.

Code CIVL1802
Academic unit Civil Engineering
Credit points 6
ENGG1802 OR AMME1802
Assumed knowledge:
HSC Mathematics Extension 1

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. apply a logical approach for solving a complex engineering problem
  • LO2. express forces and moments as vectors
  • LO3. calculate the resultant force and moment for 2D and 3D systems
  • LO4. draw a correct free body diagram for any engineering entity
  • LO5. calculate the force in an internal member of a simple structure
  • LO6. calculate the value of unknown forces and moments acting on any three dimensional object from the equilibrium equations
  • LO7. calculate the forces acting as a result of two objects in contact
  • LO8. find the centre of mass or centroid of an object
  • LO9. calculate reaction forces under action of distributed forces for different structures
  • LO10. calculate internal effects such as shear force and bending moment in beams under loading
  • LO11. solve problems involving friction.