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Unit of study_

CSCD2071: Audiology 1

The unit will introduce different types of hearing loss, basic audiological tests, and clinical procedures for evaluating hearing in children and adults. Students will learn how to interpret audiological results, how hearing difficulties impact on listening for communication, and how different interventions can make listening easier. This will promote an understanding of how the anatomy and physiology of the auditory pathways function, how to assess the structures of the auditory system to diagnose different hearing related conditions, and how hearing relates to communication and quality of life.

Code CSCD2071
Academic unit Communication Sciences
Credit points 6
BIOS2166 OR ANAT2010
Assumed knowledge:
Anatomy and neurology of the auditory system

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Describe the anatomy and function of the auditory system and develop an understanding of how different conditions can affect hearing
  • LO2. Apply theoretical knowledge to conduct audiology assessments (pure-tone audiometry, tympanometry, and speech audiometry)
  • LO3. Describe hearing loss including the severity and type of the hearing loss and differentially diagnose which aspect of the ear is affected.
  • LO4. Demonstrate the ability to orally and through written reports explain audiological results and implications to clients and their families so that the information is clearly understood
  • LO5. Apply empathy when discussing hearing loss and intervention options with adults, children and their families
  • LO6. Understand how to use audiological equipment to assess hearing
  • LO7. Understand how to follow procedures and techniques of assessments in order to deliver in depth understanding of the clients hearing needs
  • LO8. Define and explain audiological results and intervention options while considering potential cultural differences of oral and signed-based communication
  • LO9. Use rigorous independent thinking to cross-check all assessments before diagnosing a hearing problem
  • LO10. Adopt problem-solving skills in each individual case

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.