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Unit of study_

ECON6031: International Finance and Globalisation

This unit of study examines the interaction of globalisation and the governance of the international financial system. Insight will be drawn from recent developments in economic theory and empirical research and illustrated with an analysis of the 2008 Crisis and its aftermath.

Code ECON6031
Academic unit Economics
Credit points 6
ECON5001 and ECON5002

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate financial market analysis and regulation through the lens of the financial crisis and its aftermath up to the present period
  • LO2. demonstrate problem solving skills and be able to acquire and evaluate new knowledge through independent research
  • LO3. critically evaluate the assumptions and limitations of the empirical methods and arguments presented in class
  • LO4. demonstrate written and oral communication skills, specifically improving expository writing while describing research results
  • LO5. employ technologies effectively in gathering information from written, oral, and electronic sources
  • LO6. manage, analyse, evaluate and use information efficiently and effectively.