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Unit of study_

ECOP6012: Country Risk Analysis

The sources of volatility and disruption to social provisioning are an ever-present concern for policymakers, firms, and households. In this unit, you will be introduced to an overview of social provisioning at the level of macroaggregates before drilling down into the sectors of the capitalist economy to understand where and why vulnerabilities emerge, and ruptures occur. You will learn a diverse range of methods and techniques for assessing the facets of country risk (eg economic risk, financial risk, sovereign (default) risk, socio-political risk) and the opportunity to conduct an assessment for a country of your interest.

Code ECOP6012
Academic unit Political Economy
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. critically analyze and competently discuss the approaches to country risk assessment
  • LO2. evaluate historical influences on the field
  • LO3. identify critical macroeconomic indicators, their constructions and relevance
  • LO4. adapt and apply an approach to country risk assessment
  • LO5. learn basic quantative techniques associated with this field
  • LO6. identify relevent non-economic issues that may impact the performance of an economy
  • LO7. use information technology, such as databases and data processing software
  • LO8. conduct and present independent research that builds on the class material in an original way.