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Unit of study_

ECOP6101: Political Economy: A Primer

The unit introduces the core concepts of political economy through the lens of the principal schools of economic thought - Classical Political Economy, Marxian Economics, Neoclassical Economics, Institutional Economics, Keynesian Economics and Contemporary Political Economy. You will consider each school’s historical origins, their methodological approaches, analytical tools, policy prescriptions and insights. You will learn about the foundations for the application of political economic reasoning to advance understanding of contemporary issues like the climate crisis, precarious employment, energy impoverishment, the contemporary university business model, and global pandemics.

Code ECOP6101
Academic unit Political Economy
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. The objectives of ECOP6101 can be specified in terms of the knowledge and skills students are expected and encouraged to acquire and develop. By the completion of this unit you should have:
  • LO2. • a general familiarity with the basic concepts in the language of economics;
  • LO3. • an understanding of core concepts and basic analytical tools used in political economic analysis;
  • LO4. • an understanding of the principal schools of thought in economics, their historical origins, their political orientation and their contemporary relevance;
  • LO5. • the ability to independently gather information from library and other sources;
  • LO6. • the ability to apply information collected to particular economic questions;
  • LO7. • Methodological skills;
  • LO8. • the capacity to explain the connections between different economic viewpoints (e.g. on policy issues) and the theoretical frameworks of competing schools of economic thought;
  • LO9. • a demonstrated capacity for thinking critically and constructively about contemporary economic issues;
  • LO10. • an ability to prepare clearly written summaries of arguments about political economic issues;
  • LO11. • experience in contributing orally to discussions about political economic issues, adapting and developing arguments in the light of additional evidence and alternative viewpoints.