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Unit of study_

ECOS3015: Law and Economics

Law and economics examines the economic role of law and legal institutions on the actions of economic agents. The economic analysis of law is founded on models of human behaviour and examines how decision making is affected by different legal regimes. The behavioral approach gives rise to a set of principles that can be applied widely across disparate areas of the law, and is becoming increasingly important world-wide, as such analysis is often utilized in courts and public policy forums. The unit begins with a revision of relevant tools of economic analysis. Subsequently, it studies the economics of various branches of law such as: property; contract; nuisance; accident and liability law; and, criminal law

Code ECOS3015
Academic unit Economics
Credit points 6
ECOS2001 or ECOS2901

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Demonstrate an understanding of economic concepts and reasoning when examining the effect of legal rules
  • LO2. Demonstrate problem solving skills in the application of economics to law and legal institutions
  • LO3. Communicate how the principles of economics can be used to analyse the law and legal institutions
  • LO4. Undertake individual scholarly research on aspects of law and economics.