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Unit of study_

EDPC5012: Evaluating Learning Tech. Innovation

This unit is intended to help students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate ICT-enhanced learning innovations. It provides an introduction to the theory and practice of evaluations, drawing principles and methods from best practice in program evaluation and the areas of ICT-enhanced learning. Attention is paid to a holistic approach to evaluation, stressing the need to plan, design and implement evaluation in context. It is suitable for those with an interest in formal education, corporate training and professional development.

Code EDPC5012
Academic unit Education
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate an understanding of the general principles and practices of educational evaluation
  • LO2. understand the affordances and limitations of emerging digital evaluation methods
  • LO3. understand different evaluation approaches and techniques
  • LO4. articulate the benefits of taking holistic and responsive approaches to the evaluation of innovations
  • LO5. choose appropriately evaluation methods and techniques given the specific requirements of the particular task and context
  • LO6. apply principles and methods of educational evaluation to the evaluation of digital learning systems and resources
  • LO7. construct and pilot an evaluation instrument for evaluating a digital learning resource
  • LO8. construct an integrated evaluation framework for a specific evaluation task you need to tackle