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Unit of study_

EDPZ6011: Assessment Literacy for School Teachers

In Australia, one of the standards within the domain of Professional Knowledge describes what teachers must know and be able to do to 'assess, provide feedback, and report on student learning' at the 4 career levels. This unit provides a basic introduction to what teachers need to know and do to meet the assessment requirements of the assessment standards for the Proficiency Career Level.

Code EDPZ6011
Academic unit Education
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Know, understand and be able to use assessment related terms and strategies including: reliability, validity, assessment for learning, assessment of learning, standards, performance standards and norm-referenced assessments.
  • LO2. Construct and use selected-response, extended-response and performance based assessments for a range of educational purposes related to student learning.
  • LO3. Provide timely and effective feedback to students tailored to their individual needs; and to the teachers, regarding the performance of the class and the performance of the assessment tools used.
  • LO4. Know and understand the meaning of terms, such as moderation and comparability, and participate in a range of moderation procedures and activities designed to produce comparable judgements across student learning.
  • LO5. Use student assessment data to monitor the performance of students, identify appropriate interventions, modify teaching practices and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions on performance.
  • LO6. Report performance of students to various stakeholders based upon accurate and reliable records of achievement.