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EDUF3037: Creativity, Learning and Teacher Artistry

Creativity is central to progress and innovation in teaching and learning. This unit explores the critical role of purposeful and dynamic creativity for 21st century learners. Creativity, learning and teacher artistry explores through rigorous analysis how the use of performances, site specific workshops, international case studies, theoretical discussions and site based opportunities can activate an understanding of the place of creativity and teacher artistry in learning, curriculum and schools. Throughout this unit students will be given the opportunity to practically engage with ideas of creativity, learning and teacher artistry to develop theory and practice for 21st century schooling. Through seminars led by experts and artists, international case studies and intensive site based workshops students will have the opportunity to develop their own practices in creativity and teacher artistry to support student learning and knowledge creation across the curriculum.

Code EDUF3037
Academic unit Education
Credit points 6
42 credit points of units

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand and reflect critically on theoretical approaches to creativity, learning and curriculum
  • LO2. demonstrate and communicate understandings of the role of creativity in learning and teaching settings including early childhood education settings, schools and arts organisations
  • LO3. develop teacher artistry strategies that employ creativity to support engagement with knowledge across the curriculum
  • LO4. theorise, problematise and develop understandings of approaches to creative learning drawn from local and international experience.