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EDUP3042: Science and Technology K-6 C

2024 unit information

The final unit of three in Science and Technology focuses on Stage 3 (Yr 5 and 6) NESA curriculum. Learning theory and hands-on practical experiences are examined and critically evaluated for developing primary students' understanding of concepts and skills in scientific thinking, design thinking, systems thinking and computational thinking. Preservice teachers will critically reflect on personal understanding of concepts and developing teacher practice. Emphasis is put on using resources and research based teaching strategies to cater for diverse student needs and providing appropriate learning challenges. The unit promotes confidence, competence and commitment towards effective teaching.

Unit details and rules

Managing faculty or University school:


Code EDUP3042
Academic unit Education
Credit points 6
36 credit points of 2000-level EDUP-coded units
Assumed knowledge:

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Apply knowledge of current educational theory (including the representation construction approach and STEM), research and curriculum documents as they relate to the teaching and learning of Science and Technology.
  • LO2. Design effective learning experiences to guide Stage 3 students’ understanding of concepts in Sciences and Technologies and develop children’s skills in science inquiry, design and digital processes.
  • LO3. Explore and evaluate range of teaching resources and practical activities to effectively engage students in science inquiry and design including provision for students from diverse backgrounds.
  • LO4. Exhibit classroom management strategies to create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments including the effective use of a range of tools and technologies in practical tasks.
  • LO5. Collaborate and function as an effective team member and respond creatively to develop a solution to a technology problem that demonstrates understanding of Science concepts.
  • LO6. Critically reflect on own/other’s actions, values and beliefs towards teaching primary Science and TechnologyK-6 and consider future teaching practice.
  • LO7. Construct and present a clear and coherent exposition of knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences using reflective and flexible modes of communication.
  • LO8. Exhibit enhanced self-efficacy and positive attitudes towards teaching science and technology.

Unit availability

This section lists the session, attendance modes and locations the unit is available in. There is a unit outline for each of the unit availabilities, which gives you information about the unit including assessment details and a schedule of weekly activities.

The outline is published 2 weeks before the first day of teaching. You can look at previous outlines for a guide to the details of a unit.

Session MoA ?  Location Outline ? 
Semester 1 2024
Normal day Camperdown/Darlington, Sydney
There are no availabilities for previous years.

Modes of attendance (MoA)

This refers to the Mode of attendance (MoA) for the unit as it appears when you’re selecting your units in Sydney Student. Find more information about modes of attendance on our website.