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ELEC4702: Practical Experience

The Bachelor of Engineering degree requires students to obtain industrial work experience of twelve weeks (60 working days) duration towards satisfying the requirements for award of the degree. Students may undertake their work experience after completion of a minimum of 24 credit points of Year 3 units of study when they have built up a sufficient background of engineering. In general, the type of job that is acceptable for work experience should be in an engineering environment but not necessarily in the same discipline of the degree the student is pursuing. The student is required to login to Sonia and start your Practical experience proposal applications. Assessment in this unit is by the submission portfolio containing written reports on the involvement of industry. Assessments is via Sonia. For details of the reporting requirements, go to the faculty's Practical Experience website

Code ELEC4702
Academic unit Electrical and Information Engineering
Credit points 0
24 cp of 3000- or higher level units of study

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. work creatively and systematically on real life problems within the bounds of a professional organisation by employing core knowledge consistent with the task assigned
  • LO2. contribute knowledge and principles at an advanced level within a particular disciplinary field with applicability in the assessment and design of systems
  • LO3. contribute fundamental engineering knowledge and principles within the context and framework of the organisation's approach to a particular engineering problem
  • LO4. demonstrate proficiency in knowledge development by firstly determining the case requirements and limits of the information available, and then targeting information searches effectively and efficiently using varied sources and media formats to assemble the information most pertinent to the particular process or problem
  • LO5. demonstrate fluency in the use of varied communication tools, media, and formats as enablers of discussion, negotiation, and persuasion in a professional context to the extent of the information available on a particular case
  • LO6. engage with, and demonstrate knowledge of professional standards, procedures, and issues such as economic, environmental, political, and social as part of engineering practice in an external organisation
  • LO7. work in a professional engineering team, engaging with other members, drawing on their ideas, skills, and past experiences to form judgement on a particular problem using a multilateral approach.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 2 weeks before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.