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Unit of study_

ELEC4714: Major Industrial Project

Students spend 6 months at an industrial placement working on a major engineering project relevant to their engineering stream. This is a 24 credit point unit, which may be undertaken as an alternative to ELEC4712/4713 Thesis A and B, and two recommended electives. This unit of study gives students experience in carrying out a major project within an industrial environment, and in preparing and presenting detailed technical reports (both oral and written) on their work. The project is carried out under joint University/industry supervision, with the student essentially being engaged full time on the project at the industrial site.

Code ELEC4714
Academic unit Electrical and Information Engineering
Credit points 24
[36 cp of 3000- or higher level BE units of study] and WAM >= 70
ELEC4710 OR ELEC4711 OR ELEC4712 OR ELEC4713 OR ENGG4000

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. critically analyse results and findings and to contribute original insights to the investigation
  • LO2. develop in depth technical knowledge of engineering processes related to the project
  • LO3. interpret results in relation to existing knowledge
  • LO4. undertake a literature review and to critically examine published data and findings
  • LO5. produce a large professional quality engineering report
  • LO6. demonstrate oral presentation skills
  • LO7. set objectives and organise a program of work, and to complete the work within the required time frame and specifications
  • LO8. demonstrate an understanding of the role of engineers in the workplace, the management structure of engineering firms, and their role in society
  • LO9. demonstrate an understanding of engineering, OH&S and project management practices
  • LO10. communicate and work cooperatively with others.