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Unit of study_

ELEC5516: Electrical and Optical Sensor Design

The course focuses on environmentally friendly, intelligent sensors for multiple parameters monitoring to be used in power network and broadband network. The concepts learnt in this unit will be heavily used in various engineering applications in power systems, fiber optic systems and health monitoring. These concepts include: 1) Theory, design and applications of optical fiber sensors. 2) Sensor technologies for the growth of smart grid in power engineering. 3) Actuators and motors for electrical sensor and its applications. 4) Wearable sensor technologies for ehealth monitoring.

Code ELEC5516
Academic unit Electrical and Information Engineering
Credit points 6
Assumed knowledge:
Math Ext 1, fundamental concepts of signal and systems, fundamental electrical circuit theory and analysis

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate fluency in communicating concisely and accurately using varied formats such as written and oral, to deliver specific engineering project information
  • LO2. work in a team and promote creative team interaction to encourage contribution from all members to deliver specific engineering projects and assignments
  • LO3. design, evaluate, and select the appropriate sensors according to practical engineering applications
  • LO4. analyze sensor performance and present an initial design for engineering applications
  • LO5. understand the basic principles and performance characteristics of common electrical and fiber sensor technologies
  • LO6. formulate analytical modeling and perform software simulation to determine the key characteristics of specified sensors
  • LO7. identify information needs and target information searches effectively and efficiently using varied sources such as internet, library databases and electronic publications as part of specific engineering projects
  • LO8. apply concepts, principles and techniques to analyse sensors
  • LO9. demonstrate an understanding of system concepts of sensor technologies
  • LO10. select and use maths/science models and tools for performance analysis of sensor devices.