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Unit of study_

ENGD1000: Building a Sustainable World

The course is designed to introduce Dalyell students to the essential professional skills of leadership, communication, problem identification and solution, design, teamwork, project management and understanding of the social, cultural, global, ethical and environment responsibilities of emerging servant leaders by applying both technical and non-technical skills to real world challenges. The course ends with a Rapid Response Challenge where a number of organisations provide challenges to student teams who will work on the challenge for 10 days and present back to the company. This is all complemented by industry and academic mentors throughout the course. Through the course students learn how to lead themselves, lead a project team and attempt to contribute to society and lead change.

Code ENGD1000
Academic unit Engineering
Credit points 6
must be in the Dalyell stream
ENGG1111 OR INFO1111

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. lead and sustain self more effectively enabling higher-functioning and wellbeing, leading to higher-quality decision making in challenging, uncertain, and unpredictable environments (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, aka VUCA world).
  • LO2. integrate multiple perspectives and exercise systems awareness and systems thinking to solve problems in a VUCA world.
  • LO3. exercise self-reflection, enabling higher levels of learning from the past and problem-solving in a VUCA world future.
  • LO4. work effectively within a small yet interdisciplinary team of students to address real-world sustainability issues (social, environmental, etc).
  • LO5. speak to a live audience of peers, academics and industry mentors and judges as part of a group presentation.
  • LO6. exercise authentic empathy and effective communication within a team environment.
  • LO7. apply and implement sustainable strategies to problems in our daily lives and the lives of people locally and globally.