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Unit of study_

ENGG1865: Project Time, Cost and Resources

Project management requires complex planning decisions with regards to schedules, budgets and resources in both traditional and agile environments. This unit of study introduces students to tools, methods and approaches such as the work breakdown structure, milestone planning, precedence diagram, Gantt charts and critical pathways. These tools and techniques help project managers balance time, cost and resources; and understand the impact on the schedule, budget and resource allocation associated with potential risks.

Code ENGG1865
Academic unit Project Management
Credit points 6
PMGT1865 OR CIVL3805

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. explain how existing organisational functions and processes may influence planning decisions about schedule, budget, and resources
  • LO2. compare implications associated with planning time, cost, and resources in different contexts (contrasting traditional and agile environments)
  • LO3. compare and contrast alternative formats of schedule, including milestone plan, precedence diagram, and Gantt chart
  • LO4. develop a precedence network from a given work breakdown structure, including durations, and determine the critical path
  • LO5. Determine the work effort of activities; develop strategic resource plan to deliver the project, and balance resources using schedule
  • LO6. estimate project costs and calculate a project budget
  • LO7. develop a risk analysis and management plan focusing on effect of risks on time, costs, and resources; calculate impact on the schedule, budget, and resource allocation associated with potential risks
  • LO8. relate time cost and evaluation to selection of suppliers and partners.