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ENGG3111: Integrated Engineering 3

ENGG3111 continues the theme of integrating the students' professional development with practice. This integration is achieved through combining a series of interrelated activities which build on achievements of previous semesters. These learning activities combined to: 1. Develop student's abilities with respect to innovation, creativity and engineering design through self-guided learning and project work. 2. Enhance student's capacity to be independent lifelong learners through reflecting on their learning experience. Student teams focus on the early stages of opportunity identification and exploring, recognising and analysing socio-political and industry trends, customer needs and requirements and investment directions that will lead to commercial opportunities for an expanding engineering firm.

Code ENGG3111
Academic unit Engineering
Credit points 2

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate written, oral and graphical communication skills at professional engineering standard including capacity to debate, negotiate, justify an engineering position
  • LO2. communicate about complex issues with novices and use a network to connect with others
  • LO3. evaluate and synthesise a wide range of resources demonstrating research skills, an ability to work across disciplines and undertake additional research as required
  • LO4. manage mature team relationships through inclusive work practices, respecting cultural diversity and the multidisciplinary dimensions of engineering teams
  • LO5. constructively, contribute ideas, address team issues through conflict resolution and critically evaluate self and peer contributions
  • LO6. manage self and others effectively in completing team tasks using basic project management and apply engineering methods to problems, designs and processes
  • LO7. exercise sound critical judgement in relation to personal and professional ethics
  • LO8. demonstrate critical reflection in highlighting personal and career values and tracking performance
  • LO9. demonstrate professional behaviours and attributes in your interactions with others
  • LO10. show evidence of expanded self awareness, inter-cultural sensitivity and the challenges of interdisciplinary engineering practice
  • LO11. demonstrate progress in understanding diverse ways of knowing and doing across different engineering disciplines
  • LO12. create innovative and creative solutions to design problems
  • LO13. analyse a complex engineering opportunity and the needs of prospective clients
  • LO14. demonstrate critical thinking in sourcing, appraising, using and managing appropriate resources
  • LO15. demonstrate creativity and innovation to develop solutions to complex problems
  • LO16. demonstrate understanding and apply relevant concepts of maths/sciences relevant to the engineering discipline.

Unit outlines

Unit outlines will be available 1 week before the first day of teaching for the relevant session.