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Unit of study_

ENGG3112: Interdisciplinary Engineering

ENGG3112 will provide an opportunity for students to experience the interaction of different disciplines of engineering needed to deliver complex engineered systems. Students will work in multi-engineering-disciplinary teams to evaluate complex engineered systems in the context of contemporary global challenges, and put forward recommendations for change during semester-long project. The project will also have an emphasis on how engineering can contribute (positively and negatively) to complex global challenges.

Code ENGG3112
Academic unit Engineering
Credit points 6
Minimum of 84cp of engineering foundation/project/stream table units

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Independently identify and apply appropriate fundamental concepts and methods to develop an engineering solution.
  • LO2. Effectively manage complexity and uncertainty through basic data-driven modelling and analysis of engineered systems and/or operational contexts.
  • LO3. Exercise critical thinking and sound judgement in the development of engineering solutions, considering design context, stakeholder perspectives and multidisciplinary perspectives.
  • LO4. Demonstrate leadership through own disciplinary contribution to a multidisciplinary team.
  • LO5. Demonstrate respect, commitment and professionalism in contributing to a team.
  • LO6. Independently identify and align work to applicable regulatory frameworks, standards and community expectations.
  • LO7. Effectively adapt communication to convey engineering solutions in a range of contexts and audiences.
  • LO8. Use appropriate referencing systems and academic standards in formal written and oral communications.
  • LO9. Demonstrate capacity for independent learning, decision making and self management.