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Unit of study_

ENGG5203: Quality Engineering and Management

This subject is designed to support Engineers in the implementation of engineering tasks in the workplace. It addresses the use of quality control and management as well as systems assurance processes. It is designed to enable engineers entering practice from other related disciplines or with overseas qualifications to do so in a safe and effective way. The study program will include management of quality in research, design and delivery of engineering works and investigation, as well as of safe work practices and systems assurance.

Code ENGG5203
Academic unit Civil Engineering
Credit points 6
Assumed knowledge:
First degree in Engineering or a related discipline

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Apply quality assurance both in initiation, design/ planning, implementation, commissioning and operation of Engineered Assets, including an understanding of both project and product quality. Understanding of quality control as well as principles and application of Total Quality Management ( TQM) and ISO 9001 systems and procedures to both project and manufacturing quality will be developed.
  • LO2. Apply sound engineering practice to management of Industrial Relations issues, understand and allow for the role of staff associations and user groups in design, certification and operation of engineering assets as well as employment contracts and agreements
  • LO3. Apply a professional approach to basic engineering contracts including professional services, design, construct, construction management, lump sum and alliance delivery systems. Outcomes will include supplier selection, tender and administration of contracts including application of assurance systems to quality, OH&S, Ongoing maintenance, upgrades (Digital Twin) and operation required as contracted deliverables included in the delivery system.. Contracts for design, supply and operation of Engineered assets and software as service will be explained including liability and dispute management within different legal systems used in non common law jurisdictions.
  • LO4. Apply occupational health and safety acts as applicable in different jurisdictions. Awareness of liability and systems assurance, in regards to workplace safety in both the practice of delivery and product safety.
  • LO5. Team and individual leadership and management principles including team building, communication, dispute resolution, task allocation, performance measurement and feedback.
  • LO6. Apply a professional approach to ethical issues related to the engineering profession and the social responsibility of engineers. This outcome will include working in teams, leading teams, ethical behaviours related to intellectual and physical property rights, treatment of individuals in the workplace, understanding and practice of working in culturally diverse workforce, application of conflict of interest and probity principles to engineering projects and dealing with unjust enrichment practices and behaviours. The concepts of community above self and value for effort as well as sustainability of resources will be included including WFEO Principles and EA codes of Conduct.