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Unit of study_

ENGL6936: Writers at Work

This unit focusses attention on the work of writing from the perspective of writers. What kinds of labour are entailed in literary production and publication? What does it mean to describe oneself, or be described, as a writer? Who does a writer work for and what processes produce the literary work as we encounter it? What about 'writer's block'? We will explore different aspects, contexts and genres of writers at work through a mixture of detailed case studies and representations, always with an eye to relations between particular writers, works and readers.

Code ENGL6936
Academic unit English
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. trace the thematic and contextual connections between a range of contemporary writers and their work
  • LO2. demonstrate familiarity with various notions of 'work' in relation to the processes and production of literary and other texts and paratexts
  • LO3. conduct independent research and analysis on selected writers and their texts, critically evaluating the sources, value and currency of the information the student has gathered
  • LO4. analyse and discuss set texts, interviews and reviews, producing complex analytical arguments that demonstrate understanding of notions of 'work' in relation to contemporary writers
  • LO5. demonstrate awareness and evaluation of the autobiographical, historical, geographic, political, or technological contexts and influences on particular writers and their work
  • LO6. present arguments that show evidence of independent, analytical and creative thinking aimed at creating new modes of understanding about the topics covered.