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Unit of study_

ENVI3888: Environmental Studies Project

Understanding and being able to undertake Environmental Assessment is a challenge for graduates of many academic disciplines. This unit will investigate the history, strengths, weaknesses and potential of various forms of environmental assessment through an integrated project that enables students to build on their disciplinary knowledge, work in cross-disciplinary teams and develop an interdisciplinary approach and knowledge. You will learn the methods of environmental assessment, and to understand critically the theory and practice of Environmental Assessment from both positive (scientific) and normative (value) perspectives. The positive perspective will focus on the scientific aspects of the assessment process, the quality of science in Environmental Assessment, mitigation measures. By doing this unit, you will develop teamwork skills, decision-making skills, research and communication skills and a knowledge of environmental assessment relevant for future employment. There will also be involvement from organisations that are potential employers of graduates from this major.

Code ENVI3888
Academic unit Geosciences Academic Operations
Credit points 6
GEOS2X21 or ENVI2X22
ENVI3112 or ENVI3912

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. recognise and understand the theoretical and conceptual basis of integrated geographical practice
  • LO2. apply geographic knowledge to solve problems in an interdisciplinary context
  • LO3. integrate knowledge, data and approaches from the natural and social sciences
  • LO4. collaborate with diverse groups and across cultural boundaries. Show integrity, confidence, personal resilience and the capacity to manage challenges, both individually and in teams
  • LO5. analyse data using appropriate information technology and digital skills
  • LO6. communicate complex knowledge, information and data effectively to a range of audiences