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Unit of study_

EXSS1037: Introduction to Exercise Science

This introductory unit will provide students with skills and understanding of measurement and analysis core to becoming a proficient exercise professional. Students will learn technical skills for exercise data collection, the data handling, calculations and analytical approaches to examining data, and research methods used to collect evidence. Critical thinking approaches will be used to develop skills for assessing quality of evidence in exercise science. A focus Introduction to Exercise Science is the development of discrete skills and understanding of their application for accuracy.

Code EXSS1037
Academic unit Movement Sciences
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Explain the roles of exercise professionals, understand the rationale for, and be able to apply risk stratification criteria in pre-exercise screening, and identify when further guidance is required prior to conducting a test.
  • LO2. Identify different ways to conduct accurate health, exercise, sport and physical activity assessments and begin to develop a critical analysis of their strengths.
  • LO3. Demonstrate an understanding of the limitations, contraindications or considerations that may require the modification of assessments.
  • LO4. Demonstrate practical competency to conduct pre-assessment procedures, select and conduct appropriate protocols for safe and effective assessments, including instructing clients on the correct use of equipment and obtaining measurements.
  • LO5. Develop basic professional skills including the ability to communicate in oral form effectively and provide written and graphical summaries of information from assessments, their limitations, and the interpretation of the results.
  • LO6. Begin to understand the requirement for evidenced-based models of practise based on how to conduct a critical analysis of quality of evidence, including the applications of qualitative and quantitative research study designs.
  • LO7. Understand, select and perform statistical analyses and interpret the results most relevant to Exercise Science data sets.