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FASS7002: Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing

This elective supports development of skills in critical analysis, writing in different genres, research, presentation, and developing individual scholarly 'voice'. While valuable for all commencing postgraduates, it is of particular benefit to those returning to academia after an extended break, or for International students wishing to orient themselves to local standards of practice for academic communication. This unit is structured to have additional seminars and lectures early in the semester and fewer later in the semester so students have the opportunity to apply new skills to all their coursework. The unit is ideally taken in the first semester of study.

Code FASS7002
Academic unit English
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. understand and use a range of critical and creative thinking processes and practices
  • LO2. argue or discuss a case in oral presentations as well as in writing
  • LO3. understand the ethics of academic communication
  • LO4. understand the purpose of critical analysis, summary, paraphrasing, citation, referencing and quotation as aspects of constructing an original argument, and confidently perform these tasks
  • LO5. express, in your own voice, ideas developed through independent reading so as to meet Masters level research standards
  • LO6. demonstrate understanding of the difference between objective and subjective evidence and their role in argument
  • LO7. identify culturally specific discursive styles that influence the development of academic argument.